HP 63XL Black High-yield Ink Cartridge | Works with HP DeskJet 1112, 2130, 3630 Series; HP ENVY 4510, 4520 Series; HP…

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  • Cartridge yield (approx.): 480 pages
  • Up to 2x more prints with Original HP Ink vs. non-Original HP Ink
  • 82% of HP ink cartridges are manufactured with recycled plastic
  • Get ink your way: buy Original HP Ink Cartridges or save up to 50% and never run out with HP Instant Ink, the Smart Ink Subscription
  • What’s in the box: 1 new Original HP 63XL Black High-yield Ink Cartridge (F6U64AN)


Original HP Ink is engineered to work with HP printers to provide consistent quality, reliability and value
This cartridge works with: HP DeskJet 1112, 2130, 2132, 3630, 3631, 3632, 3633, 3634, 3636, 3637, 3639; HP ENVY 4511, 4512, 4513, 4516, 4520, 4522, 4524; HP OfficeJet 3830, 3831, 3833, 3836, 4650, 4652, 4654, 4655, 5212, 5222, 5230, 5232, 5255, 5260, 5264
Cartridge yield (approx.): 480 pages
Up to 2x more prints with Original HP Ink vs. non-Original HP Ink
82% of HP ink cartridges are manufactured with recycled plastic
Get ink your way: buy Original HP Ink Cartridges or save up to 50% and never run out with HP Instant Ink, the Smart Ink Subscription
What’s in the box: 1 new Original HP 63XL Black High-yield Ink Cartridge (F6U64AN)
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20 reviews
  1. gren

    Did not work. I reinstalled it several times, shook it up, and still no ink. Did the test and still no black ink even though my computer indicated it was full. Put the old one back in and that worked so it isn’t the printer. The new tri-color one worked but not the black. Had to go to Walmart because I needed to print some important documents today and purchased the regular black and it works perfectly. Maybe HP should start making these in the US instead of overseas. I made the mistake of not reading the reviews. That won’t happen again. Won’t let me add it to my wish list so I can make a comment to not purchase this piece of garbage.

  2. Ben Wand

    I bought this and installed it and now I am getting multiple “cartridge installation errors” and no matter how I install the cartridge it won’t work. Be careful with Amazon and HP because they are criminals who will steal your money.After returning this item at the designated drop off location, I received a spam text. This is the second time that I’ve received a spam text with a phishing attempt from Amazon after returning an item. Has this happened to anyone else?

  3. Jim Sherlock

    Work perfectly. I had some problems using refills so I ordered the real HP ink. It worked just fine. Just a precaution. It took much longer to arrive then was posted. So, if you need to replace a cartridge right away, this is not the route to follow.

  4. Bass Face

    I have only owned HP printers for MANY years for home, and all my companies. I probably have literally had over a hundred HP printers, and bought toner and ink cartridges 500+ times. I hate the fact that HP has gone crazy with their pricing and basically locked out cheaper aftermarket alternatives with their firmware. When we purchase the next round of printers, I will definitely be looking at their competitors for the first time in a decade+ sadly 🙁

  5. Puyallup44

    Bought Jan. 19, 2019. Installed today, May 29, 2019. FAULURE!!!Came in an HP Box: 63XL. Used them for 20 years. Don’t know if it was the cartridge or the printer, but the printer uses the new cartridge for 5 minutes, then decides its not a REAL HP product. Seriously? I had to throw out all the mark-off cartridges I bought last year because of HP’s little trick of making the printer, with a date stamp. They cry foul on us using any other cartridges. So I get a loan from the bank and start buying only HP crap again. No problem this year. Until today. TRUE HP craptridge paid $37.89. Printer shuts down and won’t budge. Re-installed twice, both the Color63XL and the Black63 XL. $80 worth of ink for a $79 HP Office Jet 4650printer and it won’t “accept” it. Bought it when I p aid $1700 for a new HP Laptop. Its going in the dumpster tonight and its only 2 years old. I will NEVER buy another HP product. Done. And this is my last HP laptop. We have options, people! Total failure on their part. Its a real HP ink. And has left me with a report to print and a deadline. 4th of July fireworks is coming up – might save it for that.

  6. S. J. Eggenberger

    I was shocked and disgusted at how fast the black ran out. No where near the amount of pages it was presumed ,by their estimate, to print. I do not know why I was shocked or surprised as HP has done this over and over to me.

  7. sf

    Its expensive for the amount of ink you get

  8. Daniel Bowen

    So we bought our printer thru Amazon back in 2017. Since then we’ve ordered this ink three times. To date no problems, it’s ink, it works, thus the repeat buys. But with this last order we now have HP putting an ad on our desktop and despite multiple ways to remove it, it’s still there. Every time the computer turns on. Dead center. It’s beyond annoying now, and while I don’t review products very often, I will stop to write this review.So then I wonder about Amazon sharing that information to where my computer information is available to HP. I have no idea how HP became so intrusive. As it is they lost a customer. My printer will be replaced before I buy another HP ink cartridge. – Dan’s WifeNote: It was the fax accessibility on the printer that needed to be turned off. . . Ad is now gone!

  9. Dianne

    I have always been a loyal HP customer. But when I got my cartridge and opened the outer cardboard packaging, the cartridge was not in the usual sealed plastic packaging. Also missing was the protective tape on the end. When I tried to install it, I got an error message saying it was a previously used cartridge. After paying $35 for a cartridge I certainly expected a brand new cartridge. Amazon is replacing it, but I am disappointed in the lack of quality control by HP.

  10. Jose Hernandez

    First let me state that I have NEVER had a problem with the HP cartridges bought here, and I have bought a few. This time around I bought a black and a Tri-Color XL cartridge…when I put them on my printer it gave me the following message “”THE INDICATED CARTRIDGES ARE NOT INTENDED FOR USE IN THIS PRINTER.” The printer was saying the black cartridge, the computer said it was the color cartridge. Regardless the printer would not print. So I assumed the printer was broken, and I bought me another, making sure the new one use the same cartridges. I just got my new one and tried putting these cartridges in….guess what… it gave me the same message, I used the one that came with the printer and it worked fine…so I am going to assume the old printer is good. I jusdt spent money when I did not need to. Definitely not happy!

  11. Steve Robbins

    When are you going to quit buying $1000 per gallon ink for your cheap inkjet printer when you should buy a Brother HL-L2350DW laser printer for $99.xx? This printer is wireless, automatic duplexing and very durable. Order it from Amazon! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0763WDSYZ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1I bought this cartrige for someone else, who is going to buy the Brother laser printer when his ink runs out.

  12. Amazon Customer

    Obviously, there are remanufactured inkjet cartridges out there. I’ve tried two of them in the attempt to save a few dollars. They ended up only printing about 2/3s of the pages I get from the HP brand, so it ended up costing me more to have to replace them more often. This is now my third order for the HP 63XL (last one purchased on September, 2019). For my at-home purposes, and inkjet will last me at least a year +, and I know I’m getting a quality product in ordering this specifically. Boys and girls, ladies and gents…. peace of mind that a product is going to perform as well as or better than promised is PRICELESS! Stick with the name brand!

  13. Cari Phillips

    After ordering two regular cartridges in the past two months, I decided to spend a little extra and get the XL. Mind you, I am not printing a ton, and have yet in the past three months to print a TOTAL of 400 pages between now three color and three B/W cartridges. I have had the XL cartridge less than a month with moderate printing, but likely fewer than 100 pages, and am already out of ink. Cheap printer, totally shafted on ink. I don’t even write reviews, but if I have paid nearly $200 for ink, I should at least have the ability to print as many pages as the advertisement states. Fix it, HP.

  14. Robert C. Garbers

    I purchase my ink from Amazon as I trust the price and delivery more than HP. In this case, the cartridge failed on installation. The error was a failure to recognize as an original HP cartridge. It was dated Jan 2019 and in normal HP packaging. I was an original HP cartridge, I’m sure. I had emergency print needs so I purchased another which came dated Aug 2019 and worked fine. I find that HP will not warrant the failed cartridge since it was purchased through Amazon. It was purchased as a spare so is too old to return to Amazon. I’m out about $30 bucks on this one.

  15. Amazon Customer

    Received a defective cartridge and returned it to them the next day. It cost me $9.22 to do so. What a great deal for them! That kind of profit margin I could use all day long. Finding another supplier.

  16. WeInSC

    I did the HP free trial thinking that, with AP students using a lot of ink, the service may save money in the long run. Other than being completely wrong about that, the malware that it leads to being installed on your devices is not worth the hassle once you leave the program.I’ve been buying my own ink for a year and EVERY single time I have to print, I have to go through four steps to get to the point of printing. HP does not provide a way to clear the Instant Ink program out of the printer and computer/device. Their system should detect that I’ve bought my own new HP cartridge. but no…With all the problems, I buy a new cartridge, refill it (at Costco) and then after the refill is empty, I will buy another new cartridge. It helps lower the cost and I’m still using relatively new print heads throughout the year.When this printer fails, I cannot see buying another HP ever again.

  17. mwong

    I have no choice but to buy this brand’s ink since it’s compatiable with my printer but these ink cartridges go through so fast! I feel like I just replaced them and a short while later I have to replace the ink cartridge again. I really like my printer, which is why I dont want to buy a new one but it sucks how it’s only compatiable with this ink cartridge.

  18. xamazonx

    I got 2 of these and one of them works fine and the other says that the printer is not compatible with it.

  19. Judith S.

    ink cartridge arrived in a sealed gray wrapper (no HP Box as shown) with no markings on it to indicate that it was an HP63XL, so I returned it unopened – I wasn’t going to pay $31 for something without knowing it was what i ordered. (it’s a good thing I also ordered one regular size cartridge to have as a spare or I would have been able to print anything!)

  20. DIY Guy

    I prefer the 63XL black cartridge over the standard 63. Even though the price is much higher it is still an overall better deal.I also prefer the genuine OE ink cartridges vs. aftermarket. Some of the aftermarket are very good but some are not as good. With the OE you know what you are getting.As others have noted, you get the bow cheap but pay a very high price for the arrows, so to speak. New 63XL bkack + color cartridges cost nearly as much as I paid for the brand new printer.Fortunately I received an ink cartridge in sealed retail HP packaging with a good expiration date over a year out.

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