Gerber Unisex baby 4 Pack Sleep ‘N Play Footie

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  • Pull On closure
  • Includes four (4) long-sleeve Gerber sleep n’ plays
  • Front zippers with safety tabs for easier changes
  • Keeps your baby comfortable as they rest or romp
  • Machine wash, tumble dry
  • Art details: Screenprint



Gerber Sleep ‘n Plays are the ultimate footie pajamas baby is sure to love! These soft footies are made with 100% cotton, a comfortable fabric that’s perfectly breathable to prevent irritation against a baby’s delicate skin. They’re appropriate to use as newborn footie pajamas as they’re made to comply with all safe sleep standards. They’re also available in sizes all the way up to 6-9M to fit older or larger babies. Each Gerber Sleep n’ Play features a zipper down the front of the outfit to allow for easy and fast diaper changes. This zipper makes the baby sleeper incredibly easy to put on as well as to take off. Atop the zipper is a safety tab with a snap to keep the zipper held in place. This reduces irritation caused by the baby’s chin being poked by the zipper. These baby sleepers are footed to add extra warmth which is wonderful for a sleepy time as well as if there is a chill in the air. It also means no fooling around with baby socks! These footie pajamas kids will love to wear to bed because of their supreme comfort as well as cute and fun patterns. Available in assorted colors and patterns, they’re suitable for baby girl sleepers as well as baby boy sleepers. Babies love the comfortable feel and parents love how cute they look! But these Sleep n’ Plays aren’t just for sleep! They’re wonderfully comfortable, casual outfits to wear during the day. They allow babies mobility and provide warmth. They’re perfect for play but are cute enough to be worn out on the town! These outfits are perfect to wear on a stroll outside, to the grocery store, to day-care, or to grandma and grandpa’s house! The possibilities are endless! The versatility of these outfits truly gives them a spectacular value that all parents will appreciate. They make an excellent gift for any baby boy or baby girl you know and love! Gerber provides high-quality products that are easy and convenient for parents as well as cute and comfortable for babies. Gerber provides safe products that parents can trust.

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7 reviews
  1. Victoria

    These are great PJs for newborns, but after only 1 use, the button started coming apart out of no where- just front gently trying to fasten. This could be a dangerous chocking hazard as the button is small. I thought maybe it was one defective piece out of the set, but in another Gerber set of 4 I purchased at same time as this one, it also had a button coming loose after 1-2 wears. Disappointing and wish they would make this better quality. The material is very thin which I don’t mind since we also swaddle and use blankets for our baby, but surprised that this major quality issue with button is happening.

  2. Ana

    My 2 month old is in 3-6 months clothing but all the brands I’ve been buying seem to run a bit small and they fit her just perfect, which means she’ll be growing out of them fast, and then their next size up she’s swimming in. However THESE seem more like a true 3-6 months because they fit her a little bit baggy but she isn’t swimming in it, so I know she can wear this for probably around a month or so. I’m glad to have found a brand for when she’s in between sizes for other brands like carters.Also, I’ve washed these a few times and they are holding up great with no fading

  3. Alyson H

    I love these for summer in southwest Ohio! They’re very thin but they hold up well to frequent washing. My baby wears Carter’s size 9 months. I bought the 6-9 month and they fit well, if slightly large. I’d say they fit like a Carter’s 12 month.Also, there is a single zipper that goes from the collar to the foot of the left leg. Pulling the zipper down toward the foot unzips the pajamas and pulling up toward the collar zips them shut. It does not have two zippers for night time changes.They also do not have mitten cuffs.I’m satisfied with my purchase and would buy them again.

  4. Lauren

    Mother of a newborn here and this pack of onesie footie pajamas almost caused a divorce. Two days ago, I dressed our son in the gray a-b-c onesie, it fit. One day ago, my husband dressed our son in the blue stripe cute onesie, claimed it didn’t fit, so I accused him of being incompetent. A sleepless fight ensued. Today I tried to dress him in that same blue stripe onesie, IT DIDN’T FIT. I compared the sizes (see attached photos) and the striped one is about an inch too large on all limbs, the neck hole is about 1/2″ too big, the torso is also an inch larger all around. More like a 0-3 month compared to the gray onesie, even though the label is the same. I am curious to see how the other two in the pack fit. I have since apologized to my husband.

  5. Terri B

    I ordered this item 2nd day and paid extra for it. Ordered 2/1/19. Received 2/18. The item took 18 days to receive. No notice was given of back order other than I would receive it in a week or 2. Still got charged for express shipping. No reimbursement on shipping. In addition the entire 4-pack runs large. I bought the same brand newborns at Walmart in a different pattern and they are more true to size. These run much larger & are baggy.

  6. Amazon Customer

    I really wanted to like these as I have other Berber products. However the description and pictures are misleading. There are 3 zip-ups and one button up. It definitely did not say that in the description. You have to look really hard at the pictures and zoom in. Pretty disappointing as you want some thing specific, read the descriptions, only to be disappointed when the package arrives. It’s not easy to fun to use buttons. It takes a long time. Also I wish the buttons zipped from the foot because you pretty much have to take off the entire outfit to change diapers. I’ll buy something easier. Also even the packaging says there should be 2 pairs of 2 zippers and there’s not. Don’t advertise that if that’s not what’s wrapped around the hanger.

  7. Melinpartyof8

    These are great ALMOST exactly what I was looking for… lightweight not tight breathable soft cotton with zipper pajamas, great for everyday wear as the patterns are adorable and baby clothing is impractical.BUT when I read the reviews they stated that these pajamas had hand mitts. The reason these outfits were bought and were so important to me is that my daughter has severe eczema and needs to wear organic material light weight comfy clothing that covers her whole body. However I specifically looked for ones with handmitts to keep her from scratching herself in her sleep. I would not have purchased these if I had known that they would come without hand mitts. I will say I bought size 6 to 9 months and the reviews could have been misleading because others had purchased smaller sizes that did have hand mitts? I have found that it’s very difficult to find them in larger sizes. She can still wear them with socks on her hands. But typically socks make her hands break out. So I am very disappointed!

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