Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Girls’ Long-Sleeve Bodysuit, Pack of 5

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  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Snap closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Five long-sleeve bodysuits in baby-soft cotton featuring nickel-free snaps on reinforced panels
  • Expandable shoulders with scalloped picot trim on some colors neckline
  • Fold-over cuffs featured only on sizes Preemie and Newborn. Product sizes 0-3M, 3-6M, and 6-9M do not feature fold-over cuffs
  • Trusted Carter’s quality, every day low prices, and hassle-free packaging-exclusively for Amazon member


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Dots-Owl-Print, Lime Green-Light Blue-Pink, Pink-Navy-Mint Green, Pink-Navy-Mint Green, Floral, Yellow-Pink-Grey, Floral

18 reviews
  1. florg29

    These are super cute. I live in the PNW so we’re getting coldee weather so i needed to stock up on cute long sleeve. I believe I ordered six months and they fit my daughter pretty large my daughter is now eight months and she’s barely wearing them. I would just say if you have a baby on the thinner side may be size down if you’re wanting to get the exact size they currently wear.

  2. Ann

    Sizing is not consistent. I bought it for my 2 month old, she is 11 lbs I bout size 3-6 months. In the pack of 5 four are small enough for her to wear now, the only one that was larger and true to size was the one with no print on it. So if you want larger fit order the plain ones. It seems as the ones at walmart ( child of mine by carter’s) are better quality.

  3. Film Girl

    These are okay looking but are NOT soft at all. The ones with designs, especially the glitter polka dot ones, are actually terribly scratchy! Meaning, it would be uncomfortable for ME to wear on my skin! Tried washing multiple times to see if it was maybe just fabric startch, but it wasn’t. Maybe this set would be better suited for ages 6 mo on up, but definitely not for an infant’s skin. Won’t buy again.

  4. JRussell

    Most of my Carter’s stuff has shrunk after the first wash. I was careful when washing these these, because my baby is a little chunk and needs something a little roomier. I think I let them air dry after the first couple washings (in cool water) and they have held up just fine since in the washer/dryer. If you’re not interested in dealing with high maintenance baby clothes that may shrink (I’ve heard Carter’s has different quality levels at different stores), try Cat & Jack from Target, I think they’re guaranteed not to shrink. Anyway, these onesies are a soft material, and have really sweet patterns, too. It’s always a little sad when your baby outgrows clothes you like to see her in. She’s so cute in these.

  5. Olga

    These onesies are perfect. Fit exactly as I expect. I bought size 18 months for my 16 month old and will admit that they appeared long straight our of the box, but once I washed and dried them, they shrunk and now fit perfect with a little room for growth. For reference, my baby is in about 80th percentile for height for her age. So please take into account shrinkage and don’t go by other people that are saying that they are way too large.

  6. Jeffrey1893

    A couple of these look and feel nice, a couple are total garbage. The blue onesie has puff paint sparkle dots on it which are incredibly rough and look SO cheap. The gray one isn’t dyed completely so when it stretches it’s white between the ribs, also very cheap. The pink and grays are fine, soft and nice… really don’t know why they sell such garbage pieces with the others🤷🏼‍♀️

  7. Banana Monkey

    Good onesies. Nothing special, but that is fine. Just needed some long sleeve onesies cheap and quick since winter seemed to pop up out of nowhere this year. I didn’t have time to go dig around at consignment shops, so these fit the bill. Great for everyday use and great for daycare as I don’t have to worry to much if stains get on them. They fit my 16 month old just fine.

  8. Lauren B.

    This is my second simple joys purchase. I previously purchased a six pack of short-sleeved onesies which I loved so much that I had to come back and buy some long sleeved onesies for night time. I would say they fit as expected. My baby girl is seven months old and I bought her the 12 month size. The sleeves are a little long and she has some room to grow which is exactly what I wanted. Her other simple joys onesies are 6 to 9 months and they fit her perfectly for right now. She’s about 18 pounds. I will definitely purchase this brand again. Soft cotton, cute prints, great value!

  9. Elly

    These are great! My 18-20lb 14 month old fits into the 12 months sizing perfectly.The fabric is good quality and not see-thru. These have been worn quite a bit and have been in and out of the washer and dryer numerous times. There are no signs of wear or fading. I’ve had zero issues with snaps as mentioned by other customers but will update this review if I do run across this issue.I think five onesies for 14.99 is a great price. I’ll be getting more for my daughter in the next size up soon.

  10. Lowe Family

    I LOVE this onesie! This brand has never ever failed me. It fits perfect and the material is great! Just for reference my daughter is 15 months, 19 pounds and 30 inches tall. I got her size 18 and fit her very comfortably. Not too tight but not too big either. I know measurements really help when ordering online so I hope I help someone else. I wish all reviewers would include a reference too to help out other parents.

  11. Leonor moccia

    Yes, the newborn and preemie size onesies have the added baby hand mittens attached to the sleeves. The manufacturer said this on another question. Hope thFold-over cuffs featured only on sizes Preemie and Newborn. Product sizes 0-3M, 3-6M, and 6-9M do not feature fold-over cuffsTrusted Carter’s quality, every day low prices, and hassle-free packaging-exclusively for Amazon memberis helps!

  12. Amazon Customer

    Great! Sizes were consistent despite other reviews. Our 3 week old was born very small and is quite petite. We ordered premie size in all white and newborn size in these colors. I love the colors, fabric and quality. There is a big gap between premie size and newborn size, though. It’s hard getting the premie size on her even though it’s closest to her size. These are easier to get on but still quite large on her body. For reference, she’s 21 inches and 6lbs 10oz (growing every day though). Good product all around though!

  13. Graham Forrester

    I bought this because although named Simple Joys it is made by Carter’s because I knew my baby would fit perfectly in their 3 months old clothing from the other clothes we have in this brand, but this measures completely differently. My baby is very tall for her age (99th percentile), and Ok, she’ll actually be 3 months next week but there is no way this would fit her before a long time. Way off, way too long on torso and arms.

  14. Sajal

    So, this is my second experience using this brand product by Carter’s. (I buy instore /online from carters). After a friend of mine gave me a shower gift (sleep n play) from the same brand that I had never purchased/used of , I was amazed by its quality of cotton. Not too thick for this hot summer or not too thin (like other brands). It was super soft material which looked new after every wash. So I decided to get some full sleeve onesies from same brand but boo!! The one I recieved was not the same quality cotton, it was thin not so soft material.

  15. Richard Cook

    We love these so much we ordered in two different color sets. They’re perfect for the fluctuating weather in NW Florida right now. Keep in mind that the 0-3 months size corresponds with the 3 months size in the actual Carter’s store. Try match perfectly with the set of pants we bought from this line as well, which is a huge plus!

  16. ljs

    These are so cute for a great price. I had almost no newborn clothes and I wanted just a few extra items so I wouldn’t have to do laundry every. single. day. but not spend a bunch of money on something she would quickly outgrow. These were very cute and work really well with the Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Girls 4-pack pant. (link below) They have the little fold over pocket on the sleeves to keep baby from scratching herself which is an added bonus.The set of pants that has the two pink pear, one grey and one teal will match all the onsies as the yellow one has just a little bit of teal in it when you get a closer look.

  17. andrew langefeld

    These do not fee like they are real Carter’s brand. I washed them and when I was folding them noticed the I so feel rough and almost spiky. I tried them on my baby to see if she acted any differently and she tugged at it so I took it off immediately. I’ve bought a pack before and didn’t have this problem so they’re either a knock off or very old items that have been in storage somewhere for who knows how long. Very disappointed.

  18. Minnie

    After first wash and dry the 18 mth size I purchased is now the size of her 12 mth onesies. I also purchase some short sleeves and had the same issue before I caught it. I always dry on low even though the tag says it can be dried on medium. I was able to catch and air dry 4 of the 11 onesies between the 2 packs purchased. I would suggest buying a size larger than you need to be safe if you wash and dry. Hopefully my 15 mth old daughter can get one or two wears out of it anyway since she’s shorter. Simple Joys needs to get it together

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